Our Story

In the small town of Nove, Northern Italy Alessandro was taught lovingly the traditional Italian way of cooking by his Nona “Luica”. Alessandros’ passion for cooking grew as he spent more time alongside his Nona in their family kitchen creating recipes & continually learning skills he would use for the rest of his life.

After visiting Australia on a holiday a couple of years earlier Alessandro found a way to combine his love for sharing his Italian cooking with Australia - The Gnocchi Way was born in late 2017. Sydney’s weekly markets were the first to get a taste of the authentic Italian creations by The Gnocchi Way. Beginning with a stall at markets and festivals Alessandro’s new business was growing, market goers were falling in love with the newest food stall. Alessandro’s passion for providing delicious tasting home cooked gnocchi using the very best of ingredients alongside charming customer service was what originally brought success to The Gnocchi Way. Those booming values enabled Alessandro to expand, the very first The Gnocchi Way food truck started spreading its charm across markets & festivals within New South Wales in (year).

The Gnocchi Way is currently sharing its dishes with specially chosen events around the state. The Gnocchi Way is ready to take the next step forward into growth to develop a range of homemade speciality Gnocchi using Alessandro's traditional recipe, love & finest ingredients.

This Gnocchi will be initially available to restaurants around New South Wales to purchase to use in their own dishes. Alessandro’s extensive experience in kitchens around the world combined with ‘The Gnocchi Way’ food truck has allowed him to continually get direct feedback from the first bite, contributing to his growth & new recipes. Having been a chef in fast paced kitchens he knows first-hand the importance of plating up meals quickly without compromising on quality or presentation.

Alessandro’s new Gnocchi is the perfect balance to benefit the restaurant’s chefs and the customers. The Gnocchi is prepared by Alessandro in the traditional way his Nona taught him growing up using specially chosen ingredients. Alessandro has given the original recipe a little twist to speed up the kitchen process.

Supplying Gnocchi already steamed enhances the flavours by locking them in & reducing the time and steps required to prepare each gnocchi dish ordered at the restaurant. The Gnocchi will simply be prepared in a hot pan with the chosen sauce, taking out the boiling step for the chefs.

The fresh potatoes used will be selected from the very best to allow for Alessandro receipt to thrive. The flour chosen for the recipe will be imported from Italy's finest. The simple recipe is prepared by Alessandro with a whole lot of love using techniques from his Nona. Restaurants will soon be able to purchase Gnocchi of the highest quality that provides a fast alternative for kitchen staff. Among Alessandro’s growing list of goals & dreams is to be able to expand to give Australian restaurants countrywide the opportunity to purchase from ‘The Gnocchi Way’.

Supplying to fine food stores is also amongst Alessandro's goals, spreading easily to prepare quality gnocchi into Australian homes. The goal may seem quite large for some although with Alessandro's strong passion he is sure to make it happen in the very near future. The gnocchi Way will be a brand known to restaurant owners, head chefs & speciality food store customers for its high quality & ease. Customers will also continue to devour ‘The Gnocchi Way’ served hot by Alessandro from his food truck or stall at events...

...and now also online.